Why We Fail With Our Resolutions

There are so many interesting things that end up happening when we are in the mode of new years. There are so many special feelings that come up when you think that happy new year 2018 is right around the corner. But sometimes we can put ourselves in a position where we are destined to fail, and that is not what we want for you. We want you to have a genuinely happy new year 2018, and we do not want you to feel like you have failed when you are a month into the new year.

happy new year 2018

But why does this happen? It happens because we are all in this mindset where we want to better our lives. We think that as the new year rolls around and 2017 becomes 2018, we are all of a sudden going to have a much better life. We are going to do the right things and we are going to give up all our bad habits. But that is not what we want you to think when you are trying to figure out your next moves. We want you to know that the resolutions you set in this period may be wildly unrealistic for you.

Let us say that you are not happy with your smoking habit. Maybe you want to quit. And you are thinking that New Year’s is a great time to get started. Let us say that you smoke 10 or 12 cigarettes a day and you are assuming that you can just quit on New Year’s. Now you may have this noble idea that you are going to quit, even though you have been smoking for almost ten years, but we want to tell you that you are more likely to fail if you are tying this process to New Year’s. You are putting too much pressure on yourself.

What we would suggest is that you start small. Maybe you can say that you are going to start smoking half of what you smoke right now for the first month. And that is the only resolution that you are going to keep. We feel like that is a much more realistic resolution, and it is one that you are probably going to keep. And then you are in February. Now you can think about whether you still want to quit smoking. If you do, then you can take steps to try and make it happen.

The problem is that we tie our resolutions and desires to New Year’s. The problem is that we are just going to fail with so much of what we say we are going to do. You are in this hyped up state because it is a new year and you are in the holiday season. You think that when you set your mind to your goal, it will just happen. But it is better to set a small goal that you know you can achieve. Then you will be happy that you kept your resolution, and you can make a new one in February or March if you are still in that mindset.