Make Healthier Choices Today


We often hear people say that they are hoping to make changes to their diet and lifestyle on a specific day. It makes sense. You are all excited to make these changes in a few weeks. But why can you not make them right now? Waiting until the New Year or some other arbitrary moment before you change your lifestyle is a bad idea. Those types of fads are a lot harder to stick to. But if you are committed to change, you can make those changes right now. You do not have to wait until some date in the future.

And there are so many ways that you can change your lifestyle to be healthier. One of the biggest things that we would say is that you should stop eating simple carbs like bread, rice and pasta. Instead, you should go for healthy grains such as farro or quinoa. If you were to read about the quinoa health benefits, you would be shocked that we are not recommended to eat this grain more often. It has all the nutrients that you could want from a grain. And it has so much fiber too.

When it comes to quinoa health benefits, it is about the total package. You are getting protein, manganese, magnesium folate, copper and iron in significant quantities. And this is just a grain. It is not anything special that you have to add to your meals. If you like to make stir fry meals, then you just have to make quinoa the base. And since it is such a neutral food, it will incorporate the taste of whatever you made – and it will taste great! That is why we are always telling people to add more quinoa to their diet.

Another big recommendation that we would make is that you should switch from granola bars to healthier protein bars. Not only are protein bars going to give you the protein and the healthy fats that you need, but the good ones are low on sugar. This way you are getting a 200 calorie snack that you can eat while you are on the go, but you are not loading your body with useless carbs and sugar. It is what we would recommend if you need a healthy “bar type” of snack.