Laser-lipo and Laser Pads Versus Paddles


Up to now, we have learned enough about laser-lipo to understand that it is a method of fat removal which really does work and it works well. You can do this with several sessions at a clinic with qualified specialists who usually work with these devices successfully. In fact, their entire practice may be based around this and perhaps some other cosmetics and even in spas. The interesting thing about these laser treatments is that they are painless, bloodless, and tolerated by everyone. You can go back to work the same day – actually right after the sessions.

Understand that these sessions do not work right away. You may have to have several different sessions depending on the desired results. This should not matter since you will be missing out on some very painful surgery to get even better results. You are getting what you want without even the tiniest scar. Many people wonder what the different parts of the machines are and how they work. The diodes produce the energy, which is higher with first generation machines than it is with third generation machines.

laser pads versus paddles

The energy comes through laser pads versus paddles. As it turns out, these seemingly different parts, in description, are truly the same thing. Some of the devices have more of these pads than others. Sometimes the pads are placed on larger pads or paddles. This does not have to be confusing. Either way, the pads are strapped to you and then you go through the session in the allotted time, do some cardiovascular exercise after, take a shower, and go on about your day.

If you do want to learn more about how the devices work, notice how they work from a central unit. The paddles seem to work separately, but the signals sent to them are governed by the computer in the central unit. Altogether, the parts and the energy result in a significant strength of harmless lasers to melt away fat with what seems like magic. It is not magic at all. This is entirely based on pure science. This science has been developed to give everyone an affordable way to have a sculpted body.